A poem about friendship.

Photo by Jonathan Pendleton on Unsplash

You're, an irritating itch that never leaves
You're, unbearable headaches that thump my skull
You're, screaming sounds that never diminish
You're, long nails on large chalkboard.

You're, dying engines moving slowly on road early hours
You're, voices talking loudly at dusk outside one's window
You're, dogs barking before early start at sunrise
You're, neighbours clattering all day.

You're, a large spot that isn't ready to be burst
You're, a stain on a favourite shirt that is stubborn
You're, the grotesque passenger that sits next to me on the bus
You're, the little buzzing noise bothering my ear.

You're, the fruit flies that come in hordes
You're, the pothole in the road that costs me fortunes
You're, the adverts before, and during, a video on YouTube
You're, a friend suggestion on Facebook whom I never knew
You're, a joke that is not even funny.


The person that is different than I expected
You're, the reason for feeling guilty for stereotyping
You're, a sudden delight that one never predicted
You're, the friend that I never thought I needed
You're, the voice that, yes, may irritate me, but I am glad I spoke to you



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Aiden Riley

Aiden Riley


I deliver my opinions on society, culture, psychology, philosophy, mental health and more. I also write poetry.