This quote, I adore: "The honest truth is that you are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you."

An exceptional read, Brianna! Thank you X's thousand for giving me the opportunity to see this. Over the years, I have experienced these same occurrences. It is natural, but it can feel hurtful when it happens. It has happened to me not so long ago when a close friend and I suddenly became something less. It all started when I went to college I think and I found myself transfixed in different things while they went their way. We ended up finding different companions and the similarities that we shared dispersed. We still talk from time to time, but the chemistry isn't as potent as it was before. However, as you said, it is natural, and for us to progress, these incidences need to happen. Thanks again!

ASD community. Depression sufferer. Anime lover. Lover of reading. Writing from the heart.

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