I Went For A Jog

Yesterday I went for a jog when my depression was at its highest. This is a poem depicting how it felt.

Photo by Gervyn Louis on Unsplash

I went for a jog today
I let my smile from its cage
I let my breath in deeply
And out deeply

I went for a jog today
My smile now flying free
I hadn’t smiled for a while because of you
I hadn’t smiled for a while because of the shit you say to me
The words you plant in my mind
They grow and spread around and turn the green fields into brown
But I still went on this jog though
And it felt ever so great.

I went for a jog today
My smile now showing every second and minute
As people walked passed
I said good morning
They said it and smiled back
I am glad I made their day.

I went for a jog today
Somehow you were there with me
Your fat sweaty body
Begging me to slow down
Tugging on my arm
Pulling me in close
Panting away your whispering garbage
Flooding me with insults
Trying to drown me in grim
I slapped you back
And watched you fall with a
Crash and

I went for a jog today
And felt the cool breeze against my cheeks
The banging of my heart with every beat
My legs and feet singing with every tread they make
My mind fighting back the words you create
You may still be there
In your little office in the corner of my mind with your typewriter
Like a journalist from a crappy little tabloid
Creating whatever poison you desire
To try and break the happiness I wish to return.

I went for a jog today
I realised what I had done
I had smiled and said hello to people I didn’t know
I let the positives outshine the negatives
I swam and glided through blue oceans and skies
I removed the heaviness I felt when low
I cleared the fog from my mind
Took off the blindfold from my eyes
And turned down the volume of your voice.

I arrived home today
And took a cold shower
I looked in the mirror
Dried myself off
Then smiled and laughed at myself
But don’t get me wrong
I know you’re still there
In your little office with your typewriter
Readying your next publication
But I know one thing that is true
It will go straight in the bin when you’re through.



I deliver my opinions on society, culture, psychology, mental health and more. I also write poetry. Email me here for a chat or a gig: Riley_writes@outlook.com

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