It is okay to cry. It is okay to let it out

Cry, if you must. Do not be afraid to shed a tear. There are no wrongs in relieving one’s soul. Cry, if you must, do not fear the concerning looks that may descend upon you; there are no harms in showcasing how you truly feel. Cry, if you must. Let the sentiments gallop within; If you need me, I shall console you and whisper: “everything is going to be fine. I will always be here.” Cry, if you must. Let me sit next to you; let me wipe away your tears and provide you with courage. Cry, if you must. Let me look upon your being; let me examine the fading lights so I can see where power is needed. Cry, if you must. Let me cast a spell; lend me the time that is required to restart your vibrancy. Cry, if you must. I can feel your grief subsiding; I sense the tide weakening — soon, I know you will be smiling. Smile, if you must. But member, it is okay to cry; showing emotions does not suggest one is powerless — you are strong to show such a thing.

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