Become A Great Husband or Wife to Writing

In doing so, They will reward you with so much more

Aiden Riley
5 min readFeb 25, 2022


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Relationships take a lot of effort — marriages too. I have never been in a serious relationship, nor marriage, but it is an elephant-in-the-room answer for a relatable question.

Becoming good at something takes effort.

Becoming great at something takes monumental energy. Becoming world-known takes sacrifice: constant time spent exploring the same skill over and over again.

It is a mountainous achievement to climb to reach the “pinnacle” of your chosen devotion. To reach your peak and fulfil your promise at something, one cannot expect to leave it out in the cold.

The skill needs to be nurtured.

If you look at today’s sporting legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams, they didn’t get there by simply deciding to “I will get to it another day”.

Oh no, you cannot do that.

Like sport, writing needs day-to-day training.

Like a marriage, you cannot ignore your partner and expect them to treat you the opposite. They will become confused, and after confusion, they will begin to question if you truly love them.

The craft of writing is the same: If you’re not in love with it, it will pack its shit and leave. However, the difference between a marriage and writing, one may leave forever and the other will wait for you to realise how much they truly mean to you.

Realise this with Writing, and it will reward you. Put in the effort and write every day. Show Writing you love the shit out of them. Tear off its clothes. Push them onto the bed. Make love to it all night long.

Need to go to work in the morning?

Go home after your shift, relax for a while, and make love to it again, and again, and, well… again.

Soon, Writing will be on your mind constantly. Not only that, you won’t be able to wait to write. You’ll be so excited, you’ll be bouncing off the walls. You’ll be itching to start that new idea you thought of.

Ideas are everywhere. They are the creative orgasms that are spawned by our vibrant and chaotic brains. When this…



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