These Times

A piece for these dark times

In April, I was asked by a friend who runs a podcast and a YouTube channel to create and record a piece that best reflects the image of the pandemic in its early existence here in the United Kingdom. He would then go on to publish this piece on his YouTube account. If anybody is interested, his account on YouTube is called, Addibiotics. I would like to thank my friend for giving me this challenge to formulate this work. This was my response to his request and I hope all can find some relatability to it.

Image: Sasha Freemind via Unsplash

As these dark times strengthen their muscles. Their grip wraps around our bodies and tries to slash at our freedom. We transform into disheartened figures. We feel imprisoned. This kills our mental health. This disturbs the slumbering demons we may harbour. However, one must perceive these times as encouraging. Yes, the fast world has halted -- a sudden red light appearing on a motorway. Yes, transparency appears to be extinct. This is what encouraging is. You may ask how? You may ask why? You may already know. If you don’t, listen… look. Listen to the sound of silence. Listen to nature dancing in the spaces once filled by us. Look around you and see the distinctive change. Isn’t it beautiful? A delicious shift in gears. Cars aren’t as frequent. People less in a stampede. The 5 o’clock rush is on hiatus. Families and friends, whether in households or on face time, are becoming closer. People are going above and beyond in comforting the vulnerable. Respect is being given to the ones who deserve it most -- you know who they are. The climate is relieved for this reprieve. Liberty may feel lost. We may feel trapped. Yet, love is prospering in the dark. When these dark times conclude. Let us glance back at these moments, and live life how it was meant to be lived.

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