I will never forgive myself for abandoning you

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I first met you when we were four

I cannot remember much from that time, but I am sure they were filled with happiness. Like the majority of people, childhood memories cause me to smile and sometimes shed tears. For me, tears threaten to make an entrance. For me, the tears come from thinking of you.

Tears of…

It shows the writer you actually appreciate their efforts — you will be rewarded too!

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When we first step through the doors of this platform, we are immediately welcomed by an ocean of talent. It can be exciting. It can be scary. It can be damn right intimidating. However, we desire one day to be like the top guys and gals who deliver quality regularly…

Aiden Riley

I deliver my opinions on society, psychology, mental health and more. Email me here for a chat or a gig: Riley_writes@outlook.com

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