I deliver my opinions on society, culture, psychology, mental health and more. I also write poetry. Email me here for a chat or a gig: Riley_writes@outlook.com

You cannot do well on this platform if you don’t engage with the rest of the community

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Do you really think you will succeed on here without engaging with others? If you do, then I have to say, you will not. You cannot treat the internet world differently from the real world: they are the same in many ways. There are still friends, family, and opportunities…

Take your cars, big houses, and fancy accessories. I don’t want any of them.

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Not long ago, the idea for this article was inspired by a meeting. This meeting wasn’t expected. To add, nobody was actually supposed to have met; nobody even communicated. I was just eating a foot-long Subway while people-watching. This is when the meeting occurred: the individual who would go on…

Soon, my friends, the world’s population will strike

It is all an act, my friends. When the curtain falls, the mocking begins. Photo…

“I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician”
Charlie Chaplin

Time and time again, people— no matter where you call home — at some point, have been made fools of by a…

A chaotic play with words

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The infant crawls — the money falls — the preacher preachers — the child grows weakness. The money commences to shapen into the unmistaken — the scents it spreads infiltrates the child’s head — the addiction takes control; it now unfolds.

The writing is now written on the wall; there…

A chaotic play with words

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The leaves on the damp ground fall in front of the houses of parliament — they slowly shuffle into a huddle and assemble a sad face. The tempo of the city cannot be called negligent — the eyes will wander — they are an endless experiment.

The dos and don’ts…

Aiden Riley

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